The Developers

Broomgrass was conceived by Matthew Grove and Lisa Dall´Olio, the partners of Purple Turtle Developments, LLC; partners of Grove & Dall´Olio Architecture, LLC; and husband and wife.

Because Grove’s father was for some 40 years a partial owner in the land which now comprises Broomgrass, he grew up hiking, fishing and camping on the farm’s vast acreage. In later years, he gained an appreciation for the heritage and importance of farming in Berkeley County, as well as an awareness for the increasing number of farms being sold for other uses.

Award-winning architects Grove and Dall´Olio (see ) envisioned a mixed use of the land that would result in a high quality residential experience while also preserving the property’s original farm.

With the help of enthusiastic friends and associates, they developed the concept of the one-acre homesites and equal resident ownership in the balance of the land to be placed in a land trust. This approach ensures that the land will never be over taxed by its residents, that the farm will be preserved in perpetuity, and, in doing so, ensure that future generations will enjoy the same wondrous outdoor experiences that Grove did in his childhood. Along with the community’s other homeowners, Grove and Dall’Olio live at Broomgrass with their children, Taylor and Olivia.

If you are ready to begin living life surrounded by and becoming a part of nature, ready to experience a lifestyle most are unaware even exists, or even if you are merely interested in visiting Broomgrass for a tour, then venture over to the Availability page.

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