Secluded Yet Convenient

Broomgrass provides residents a level of privacy nearly unheard of in today’s ever-expanding urban climate. However, the community is convenient to nearby towns, amenities and transportation.

Broomgrass from Above


Broomgrass is just twenty-five minutes from both Winchester, VA and Martinsburg, WV  which offer an abundant selection of stores and restaurants, a stadium movie theater multi-plex, a thriving arts community, a community theater and professional services. Broomgrass is also easily accessible to both Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD, with interstate access and commuter rail just twenty minutes away.

Regional Map



The limited number of residential offerings–a ratio of one homesite to twenty acres–will ensure a level of privacy unmatched by any other development in the Eastern Panhandle. Assuming an average occupancy of three people per home, the total population of Broomgrass will be approximately 48 people. Home sites have been located to provide privacy while also maintaining the open vistas.

Lots 8 and 12 remain available.

Lots 8 and 12 remain available.


Over 1.6 miles of the Broomgrass perimeter is bordered by Back Creek; the remaining accessible perimeter of Broomgrass is fenced. Two vehicular entrances have been provided, both of which are guarded by security gates. The main entrance features a gatehouse with security code access. Residents have personal access codes as well as remote gate openers, while guests can dial residents from the gatehouse to obtain access. The second entrance is dedicated to garbage and recycling drop-off/pick-up and large truck access. Because of the limited number of homes at Broomgrass, residents will be acquainted with everyone living in the community.

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