The philosophy and mission of Broomgrass is to preserve the Farm while developing an alternative rural community centered on organic farming; to preserve natural wildlife habitats; and to engage in recreational opportunities that are not invasive to the environment. By providing a naturalistic setting and a low density alternative solution to the development of rural farmland, the Broomgrass community endeavors to live with less impact on the earth and to protect the land for future generations.

Thoughtful Land Use

This “green” development leaves the rolling acres of historic farmland and wooded areas intact rather than carving up the entire parcel for the sake of individual large lots.

Forest of Possibilities

Loose clustering of the 16 homes along the edge of the woods or among the trees maximizes the amount of open space. Approximately 150 acres of Broomgrass property will remain established woodlands.


Broomgrass has been designed in a manner that seeks a balance between Man’s consuming lifestyle and the natural world. Energy producing and efficient homes depend less upon natural resources.


Smarter water treatment systems eliminate subsurface water contamination. Progressive farming strategies enrich rather than deplete naturally fertile soil. All of these combined tactics will perpetuate a healthy life at Broomgrass.

Continue to the Community page to discover the distinctly different atmosphere of Broomgrass.

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