Residents of Broomgrass will have the opportunity to work together on community projects such as stream bank conservation, restoration of the historic Gano House, community gardening and harvesting. While not mandatory, these projects can strengthen relationships among residents while improving the farm. At Broomgrass, residents are free to explore their own farming interests at any level of participation they desire.


The 300-acre Broomgrass farm is the core of the community. The productivity of the farm ensures a balance of open and wooded land, provides organic foods, and carries on the traditions of agriculture that are so much a part of the local culture. Farming activities benefit all shareholders. The residents of Broomgrass are encouraged to take part in the agricultural activities at whatever scale they wish. Whether your interests lie in tending to a small flower garden, growing a field of alfalfa, or merely witnessing the changing agricultural season, you will be integrally linked to the agricultural life at Broomgrass. A fenced area of Broomgrass adjacent to the pool has been set aside for community gardening.


Community Farming

Sojourn on to the Amenities tab to get a glimpse of the incredible adventures to be had at Broomgrass.

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